About Our Services

We specialize in locating commercial office or industrial/warehouse space exclusively for Tenants looking to purchase or lease in the Austin Area. We take an aggressive approach to finding the perfect solution to your office space needs while staying within a defined budgetary track. Our company will research 1,000’s of options in the Austin market to find the unique and hard to find options that suit your exact needs.

What We Do

We assist in the initial space evaluation process, negotiating the best lease terms, contract negotiations and the entire move in details. We are a tenant’s relocation specialist and look forward to earning your business.

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Who Pays Our Fees?

Our fiduciary duty is to you, the tenant, and we represent your company’s interests at all times. However, whether you renew your lease or seek new space, our fee will be paid by the landlord. If you choose to negotiate directly with the landlord’s listing agent, then not only will the full commission be retained by the listing broker, but they will likely protect the owner’s interests rather than the tenant’s. We would highly recommend having a tenant representative on your side during negotiations, even if it’s not our firm!

Guarantee of Services

Unlike many other tenant representation firms, we guarantee our services and your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services, we are happy to refund our full commission back to you.

Find Office Space Near You

Austin Office Solutions works hard to help you find available properties in your preferred areas. We can help you find your next commercial locations.