Best Office Space Deals

Northwest Austin Office Space

per foot/year
Far West/Mopac1,596Rec, 5 offices, kitchen – lots of windows$15.00
Far West/Mopac1,408Open space w/ 4 offices & kitchen$15.00
Far West/Mopac4,7009 executive offices, kitchen, reception, conf$15.50
Greystone/Mopac1,7006 offices, conf, server room, lots of storage$13.50
Greystone/Mopac1,100Reception, 4 offices, kitchen$14.00
Greystone/Mopac2,5004 offices, remainder open space- 2nd floor$12.00
Greystone/Mopac2,2006 large offices, kitchen & reception$13.50
Spicewood/Mopac3,600Reception, 8 offices, work room, storage$13.00
Greystone/Mopac1,400Reception, 4 offices, kitchen & conf room.$14.00
Steck/Mopac1,6004 offices, reception, kitchen & work room$15.00
Mopac/1833,0005 offices, conf room, break room & cube space$13.50
Mopac/1835,000Reception, 7 offices, Conf, kitchen, open space$14.50
Mopac/1837,500Open cube space, lots of glass, 5 offices$14.50
Mopac/1834,4009 offices, workroom, conf – nice views$14.00
Mopac/18315,0005 offices, remainder open space for cubicles$14.00
Mopac/18330,000primarily wide open “call center” work space$14.00
Mopac/1832,4005 offices, open area, reception$14.00
Spicewood/Mopac5,8009 offices & lots of open cubicle space$14.50
Spicewood/Mopac6,70015 offices, remainder open cubicle work space$14.50
Spicewood/Mopac9,500Mix of open office & closed office space$15.00
Spicewood/Mopac16,00030 offices, reception, open space, ect….$14.50
Arboretum7,000Class A+, Lobby space, 20 offices, 20 seat conf$21.00
Arboretum2,5007 offices, kitchen, work room$16.00
Loop 360 North2,800Class A+, 5 offices, open area$16.00
Loop 360 North7,000Class A+, 4 offices, remainder open cube space$16.00
Loop 360 North8,500Class A, mix of offices & open cubicle space$16.50
360/Spicewood2,900Class A+, 8 offices, reception, work room$14.00

Northeast Austin Office Space

per foot/year
290/I-355,5005 offices, conf room, open cubicle space$12.50
290/I-352,0006 windowed offices, open cubicle space, kitchen$13.00
290/I-356,0006 offices, 12 built in workstations, kitchen$13.00
183/I-3513,000wide open space ready for built out – super nice$14.50
183/Cameron Road4,00012 offices, kitchen, reception$12.00
183/Cameron Road1,8004 offices, open space$13.50
183/I-352,2004 offices, open space – real nice$14.00
183/I-352,8006 offices, open space, kitchen, reception$14.00
183/Cameron7,5004 offices, open area, assembly space$10.00

Downtown Austin Office Space

per foot/year
7th /Congress5,00012 offices, conf room, reception, kitchen$17.00
7th /Congress7,000attorney finish out -conf room, reception & open$16.50
6th Brazos1,4505 offices, w/ Congress views, kitchen$17.00
7th/Brazos3,000Class A+, 7 offices, kitchen, conf, etc…$15.00
7th/Brazos8,000Class A+, 15 offices, kitchen, conf, etc…$15.00
5th/Congress3,400unique space, creative space 7 offices$14.00
6th/Congress5,800Lots of offices w/ Congress views, furniture$12.00
15th/Guadalupe5,500Open cubicle space, furniture – Class A$15.50
7th /Guadalupe4,500beautifully restored house – very unique$14.00
6th/Conngress3,000Basement space – good for creative group$10.00
4th/Congress2,2005 offices, conf room, storage & reception$17.50
8th/Congress3,1005 offices, kitchen, conf, open space & wood floor$16.50
10th/Congress1,5005 offices, reception$15.00
10th/Congress1,3004 offices, break area & reception – great space$21.00

South/Southwest Austin Office Space

per foot/year
Loop 360 South2,000open w/ few offices, kitchen & Conf$14.50
Mira /Bee Cave2-10kSuper Class A, unbelievable views$20.00
Camp Croft/3605,800nice space, mix of office & open area$12.00
360/Lost Creek2,2006 offices, reception, work room, downtown views$15.00
360/Lost Creek6,000fully furnished cubicle space, ready to go!$16.50
360/Lost Creek5,000fully furnished space, ready to go cubicles!$16.50
Bee Cave/Mopac5,800Class A, very nice space, 10 offices & open space$13.50
360/Wild Basin4,000Class A, very nice property$17.00
Loop 360 South2,400Mostly open space w/ 2 offices & kitchen$15.00
Loop 360 South1,6005 offices, reception & conf room, 1st floor$18.00

These are just a few of the options to which we have access in the Austin Market. We do not represent the prospective landlords nor make any warranties regarding the terms on these particular options.