Commercial Office Property Types

Commercial real estate in Austin comes in many different classes and sizes to suit your specific business needs. The Custom Search Form offered by Austin Office Locator can help you specify the ideal office space for your business through its “Type of Space” search parameter.

The primary types and classes of office properties are as follows:

Class A Office Space

These buildings are the most feature-packed commercial real estate options on the market. You can expect to find modern interiors and furnishings as well as aesthetically pleasing architectural exteriors. Class A spaces offer state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, are well-located and professionally managed.

Class B Office Space

Commercial spaces classified as Class B typically include nicely furnished interiors in slightly older buildings than for Class A real estate. You can expect these properties to be generally well-managed and maintained with a high-quality tenant set.

Class C & D Office Space

Older buildings in less desirable locations tend to fall into Class C and D for office space categorization. These commercial properties come with lower rents and may be attractive for renovation or re-development. You can expect the design and decor of Class C and D office spaces to be minimal but functional.

Service Center

Commercial real estate with open floor plans or multiple cubicles to best support service-providing business operations.

Office / Warehouse

Large commercial spaces designed to provide space for retail storage or larger businesses. Office and warehouse spaces may require a longer lease term.


Single buildings to be primarily used as stores, sometimes located in strip malls or shopping mall complexes. This type of property may be further searched for based on location or retail sales per square foot.


Industrial spaces are typically intended for manufacturing purposes, regardless of scale. These also may require a longer lease commitment in exchange for facilities and space.