First Time Leasing?

Quick Guide to Leasing Office Space

When running a business, it is usually necessary to rent an office where employees and owners can work in peace. Some entrepreneurs will not take their time to choose an office that suits the needs of the company. This can cause problems for employees and customers who may be unhappy with the location or office. With this short guide, one can find their next office space without worrying.

Choose wisely: A lot of busy entrepreneurs will sign a lease for the first property that comes their way. While it is understandable that a person will want to find the perfect office space, it is necessary for a renter to take their time to choose wisely. With the economy still in recovery mode, one should not have trouble finding the best solution for their needs. Working with a realtor will also help a tenant choose wisely. In most cases, real estate agents have the tenant’s best interest in mind and will work solely for them.

Employee comments: An owner should speak with his or her employees about the office situation. For starters, the owner should ask the employees if they like a potential site. Furthermore, when possible, one should take the staff members to the new potential site. With input from workers, one will avoid inevitable problems in the future when they are not happy with the situation.

Negotiate: One must remember that everything is negotiable when it comes to leasing a building. Now, it is not always possible to get a better rate; however, a renter should try to get the property manager to throw in some extras or lower the security deposit requirement. Of course, this will depend on the locale as it may be difficult getting extras when the property market is strong. Either way, when taking a few minutes to negotiate, one can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Negotiating will always be an easier step if you have a commercial real estate agent working with you. Only a realtor knows the ins and outs of leasing office space and their knowledge will be very handy in negotiations.

The future: Most entrepreneurs would love to expand their business and dominate their market. When growing, it is usually necessary for a business to move to a bigger building. In fact, to accommodate a growing company, some people will move every year. A smart business owner who anticipates growth can rent an expandable office space. This will save the company money and time as it will not have to move every six months. One must remember that a small business will probably get larger, and it is smart to anticipate this as early as possible.

Investigate: To prevent any serious long-term problems, one should investigate their landlord. Now, a renter does not need to hire a private investigator. However, before signing the paperwork or writing checks, one should ask for references and do a basic and brief background check. With this step, a renter should have no qualms about proceeding.

When following this simple guide, one can find the ideal office space with the company. Remember, this is a huge decision that one should not take lightly and it will always help to have a commercial property real estate agent.