Keep A Happy & Productive Office Space

Keeping a happy and productive office space is beneficial to everyone. People that are happy tend to be more productive, which makes them happier and perpetuates the cycle. Creating an office space that promotes happiness and productivity doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly, but it is important to keep in mind the needs of each person who will be using the office space.

Create Work Areas for Specific Tasks

Trying to do everything in the same space often leads to frustration and disorganization. It is much more productive to create work areas that are only used for specific tasks. This way everyone who uses the office knows where to find the tools they need to complete tasks such as filing, preparing outgoing mail and stapling packets. Keeping all of the tools for each task in one place makes them much easier to find and organize. It also eliminates the need for multiple copies of the same tools.

Control Sound

Most people who are trying to get work done in an office get irritated and distracted when they hear a large amount of outside noise. Eliminating outside noise goes a long way toward creating an environment where it is easy to be productive. Some people put soundproofing insulation in their office walls to minimize outside noises, while others choose to play music that doesn’t annoy or distract them while working. Workers who are unable to play music or install soundproofing may benefit from wearing headphones to concentrate on a project.

Adjust the Furniture for Optimal Comfort

It’s difficult to be productive when computer monitors are at the wrong angle and uncomfortable chairs hurt after sitting for a few minutes. Investing in a good office chair is one of the most important things anyone can do to increase happiness and productivity while working. A quality chair can be adjusted to the right height and sitting in it for a few hours at a time won’t hurt the neck and back. Adjusting computer monitors will also avoid neck strains when looking at the screen.

Use Natural Light

Just opening a few windows is a great step toward happiness and productivity in the office. Natural light is great for boosting your mood and energy level. If there are no windows in the office, high powered CFL lightbulbs that are color balanced for daylight are the next best thing. They mimic natural sunlight and offer many of the same benefits.