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Moving into a new commercial office space? Here are the important points to consider

For most business owners, moving into a rented office is the best alternative, without affecting day-to-day business operations. As the business grows and the team expands, you may find that the existing office space seems unable to cater to your ever expanding business needs. In that case, businesses begin to consider moving into a new office space that can accommodate an expanding team and help the business. But finding a new office takes time and effort, which can disrupt the day to day business operation. We would like to give you a brief on a few crucial points to consider while renting an office space in Austin.


Generally, office leases come with a minimum period of one year toa maximum of 10 years. In most cases, the landlords prefer to give the office space for a lease term of 5 to 7 years. But if you are unsure of how long you will use the office space, you can search for landlords who have a more flexible lease term. A proper analysis of your business needs to be done before deciding on the lease term’s length.


A big part of the operational cost goes into rental and maintenance. Many startups unnecessarily rent an office space bigger than they require, which drastically increases the operational cost. Don’t choose the office space that puts your business into debt. Determine your budget and team size, and then find the office accordingly.


It is a crucial factor to consider while looking for an office space for rent in Austin. But, the offices having easy accessibility are costlier. Still, you will need to keepthe accessibility factor in mind. While finding the office space, keep the employees and clients’ convenience in mind. Ensure the office space is in close proximity to metro stations, bus stops, eateries, shopping centers, etc. If the office work is mainly online, you can rent office space in a city suburb at a lower price.

Consider a bit extra space

It is always important to leave some room to grow. Therefore, choose an office space that can accommodate your expanding team within the length of your office lease. Even a few extra desks can be very helpful from the future perspective. In short, make sure you don’t have to relocate within the lease term just because the office does not have enough space to accommodate your team.

Consider parking space

Ensure the parking space is big enough to park vehicles of all your office staff and located close to the work station so that employees can reach the office without any hassle. Nothing can be better if you manage to find dedicated and secured parking structure within the office premises.


You probably want to set-up an office as per your requirements. But many landlords do not allow any change in the building. Before signing the lease, see what you are allowed to customize in the building to ease your day to day business operation.

Credential of the commercial real estate professional (Broker)

Most buyers prefer to approach commercial real estate professionals to find office space for rent. Because commercial estate professionals can provide better and several options that fulfill your business needs. Finding a desired Commercial Office Space in Austin will get easier with the support of a real estate broker. But make sure the broker is reputed.