Sublease Office Space

There are hundreds of office space options to sublease in the Austin area. Typical sublease options are 20-75% below market cost and present a great opportunity to lease space while assisting another company who no longer occupies or needs their space, but may be bound to a long term lease contract.

Sublease Commercial Real Estate

Typical sublease space varies in size and lease terms but often include furniture, phone systems and all equipment that a company may need to open an office immediately. Contact us for a list of all sublease options in Austin.

Advantages to Subleasing Office Space

Because subleasing tenants are often in a hurry to find a new tenant to take over their existing long term lease, there are some excellent savings to be found in the sublease real estate market. Subleasing offers you less flexibility than renting directly from a landlord. However, the existing office space setup will typically be ready for immediate move-in and save you time and money when it comes to the commercial real estate hunt.

Austin Office Locators has the experience and expertise to guide you through the subleasing process. From search to negotiation, we can help you find a space that will suit your company’s needs.