Large commercial real estate and office users often fluctuate how much space they need and with and look to sublease their extra office space. Tenants often need to offer their space for sublease for a number of reasons. Typically, it is a because of a shift in strategy in a particular market but It could be that the company has recently expanded and they additional office space to accommodate their growing needs. Additionally, it could be that they need to move in a smaller office space to reduce occupancy costs and rent overhead. Whatever their changing needs might be, what they want is always the same and that is to reevaluate their office space needs to better fit their long-term plans.

These companies will want to hire a commercial real estate firm/broker who understands the strategy and goals for what is trying to be accomplished. They also want a broker who knows where they’ve been, and where they might want to go. Many office real estate brokers need to be aggressive when marketing space… using lots of different tools to sublease space including the following:

• Austin Costar Database
• LoopNet Database for Austin Properties
• Using a strong database of Subtenants who might be looking for Austin Office Space
• Database of Brokers who represent Subtenants looking for Austin Office space for sublease
• Networking with companies looking for office space in Austin
• Using the Austin Chamber of commerce to distribute the information on the available sublease space.
• Utilizing various tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and various Tenant Networks.

Regarding finding a space for your client, It helps if you know what your client is trying to find so If you don’t know what your client needs and why they need it, what’s the chance you’ll ever find them their ideal office space?

At Austin Office Solutions, ourfirm and brokers work with each client successfully because they study and know the market like experts. They get to know the desired goal, your frustrations of the past and biggest goals for the future. Finding the perfect property becomes clear and individualized. Your perfect piece of property is out there—and we’ll make sure we find it for you quickly, efficiently and will negotiate the best possible deal terms available.


Tenants who are subleasing extra office space can often be aggressive with marketing their space as they are eager to find a suitable Subtenant to take over their remaining long-term lease obligation. Typically, there are some excellent savings to be found in the sublease market and often these sublease spaces are move in ready and furnished spaces. Subleasing space also offers more flexibility than leasing directly from the Landlord however a sublease space might be more convenient as the sublease options are typically furnished with equipment, furniture, data cabling, phones and have newer finishes. Avoiding a build out will save time, money and resources.

Austin Office Solutions has the experience and expertise to guide you through the subleasing process. From search to negotiation, we can help you find a space that will suit your company’s needs.

At Austin Office Solutions, Inc, we are unique firm in that we have a database for all commercial space available for LEASE or SUBLEASE in the Austin area. We specialize in Office and industrial space so we have a laser focus on the best way to approach your search.

Tenants can search through the available Austin Office Space for lease or sublease by utilizing our free database and expert researching tools. Our service is free and there is no obligation