Why should you have a tenant representative work on your behalf when you looking for office space in Austin?

  • A tenant representative will help you to avoid mistakes and pitfalls associated with the leasing process.
  • Aligning yourself with an experienced tenant representative who understands your leasing objectives can uncover real economic opportunities and help turn your office lease into a real strategic asset.
Before you proceed, ask yourself some basic questions.
  • Do you have the knowledge, time and experience required to research the current real estate market to find the best property for your needs?
  • Are you familiar with the current leasing rates and incentives that are offered to those who wish to leverage their real estate requirements?
  • Do you have time to meet with various agents and landlords to find the best arrangement and still fulfill your job duties?
  • Do you know how real estate can be helpful in improving the operation of your business? Remember that real estate costs are frequently one of the top expenses for a business. Typically they make up 35 – 40% of the overall budget of a business.
  • Are you aware that the quoted rental cost of your building includes the broker fees? If you do not utilize a tenant representative when renting your office space, this amount will be paid to the listing agent who acts on behalf of the landlord.

If you have answered no to any of these questions, you should use the services of a tenant representative.

Finding the right office space for your company and getting the best rental agreement is a time-consuming task. You can easily make costly errors if this is not your field of expertise.

If you use the services of a tenant representative, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort while avoiding potential pitfalls. You can save a lot of money on your real estate costs and this will benefit your business.

Having an experienced tenant representative can create better economic opportunities for you and will allow your company to benefit from getting the best office space for your needs.